Whiteboard Animation Services

What is a Whiteboard Video?

Also known as whiteboard animation, this is a process in which a storyboard that resembles a whiteboard has drawings on it that tells a creative story. It is drawn by artists who process their artwork and record the process at the same time, and it is used in Internet and TV advertising to communicate messages in unique ways. The actual effect is mainly time lapse and sometimes a stopped motion. Actual animation is hardly utilized but is sometimes incorporated. Other terms used to describe this process are called animated doodling and video scribing. There is now an introduction of software for creating whiteboard animations. And as a result, many variations of video animation styles are now seen.

How we can Help You

Being in the whiteboard animation services for several years, we are fully loaded team with award winning artists, copywriters, videographers, and more. Our team also has even more years of experience that go way beyond the launching of our company.

We have helped many companies and institutions to exceed in their profitable and achievable goals. And we can do the same for you, guaranteed. As a matter of fact, many clients have vouched about the amazing outcome they have received as a result of employing our whiteboard animation services.

Being experts in creating custom whiteboard videos and custom whiteboard animations for several years now, we are professionals who will offer top notch service for your project or business.

Some Common Uses of Whiteboard Media Video

Whiteboard media videos started on television. Then, it progressively became popular throughout the years online. Vimeo and YouTube, for instance, are loaded with these tools. And now, they are even becoming more popular on different sites and on social media. They are used mainly for training, marketing, and education. And thus, many times a whiteboard explainer video is used as it states for explaining content within educational and training videos. They are sometimes used for marketing videos also.

Let us Help You

With us, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. For just a fraction of the cost, you will receive awesome results. With us, the following is what you will get:

  • Our record speaks for itself– with tons of positive reviews and testimonials
  • Over decades of world wide experience– most of our staff have been in this field way before the launching of our business.
  • Guaranteed high quality– we are so confident of our services that we offer a money back guaranteed.
  • Spectacular customer service– we are always ready and available to provide top notch professional, fast, and friendly service.
  • Fast delivery– with our team of experts, we are known to deliver up to 100s of animation videos within a few weeks.
  • The best scripts– with great talent, skill, and expertise, we are sure to deliver as proven many times before.
  • Thorough research and detail– we work hard to ensure thorough research to accurately tell your story.
  • A spectacular balance of learning and learning– we know to grab and keep your audience attention, great detail, attractiveness, and fun should be implemented
  • Peace of mind– with all of these benefits and more, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you will get the best service and result guaranteed.

So, check out our portfolio and reviews. We are more than able and willing to assist your whiteboard animation video needs. And our reps are waiting to hear from you- so contact us today!

Whiteboard Animation Services

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Whiteboard Media helped us with 3 whiteboard explainer videos and we were extremely happy with the results, thanks!

Macky Mac

David and Whiteboards Media did a great job explaining our product with one of the whiteboard videos, we will be working with them again in the near future!

Franco Moriti